We are Gunpowder & Co., a social media marketing agency that creates valuable experiences that have a positive impact on people and your business. We combine a strategic approach applied with creative intelligence to elevate our clients’ brands, sparking desires and conversations into resounding action.

Spark your story.


We take a deep brand dive, researching what drives a brand's perception in the mind of today’s consumer. We think through current-state experiences. We watch. We ask questions and we listen to uncover challenges and illuminate opportunities. We then apply our insights into an informed, effective strategy. From this potent combination, we formulate an integrated marketing and advertising mix to disrupt the clutter, drive action, and deliver results. Before the smoke even clears, we study the impact made then calibrate our next tactics.

Every brand tells a story. But that story is lost if no one’s there to perceive it. We’ll make your brand known by integrating all appropriate capabilities into a unified digital force. We’ll nurture your brand and it will thrive and grow in social media.

Ad Management • Consulting • Creative development • Market Research • Paid Advertising • Strategy

The greatest expression of our experience is through the clients we serve. We have experience in industries like, but not limited to; Education, Healthcare, Financial Services, Non-Profit and Retail.